General Information: The CSS.20S comes with a super-mirror finish cover plate for a high luxury look and feel. The showerhead measures 19.6″ x 19.6″.

Recessed Installation: This product consists of a mounting bracket which is installed within the ceiling and is not visible and a cover plate which is visible and lies on the surface of the ceiling. This product is meant to be installed flush into the ceiling and the recommended ceiling height is between 7′ – 8′. In order to operate this product, the installation professional should run two 1/2″ connections to the ceiling area where this product is intended to be installed.

Port Activation: The CSS.20S flush mount rain head with cascade flow has 2 input hoses [one for the rain-head cartridge and one for the cascade-flow cartridge] and is generally used with a two output thermostatic valve for operation. Both rain and cascade ports can be activated at the same time if the valve used can have both ports active simultaneously. If a hand-held is also desired in the shower a three-port thermostatic valve may be used to operate all three functions [i.e. rain, cascade and external hand shower]