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Music City Fire The Echo Hue 44" Music Reactive Fire Pit MC032492B

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Music City Fire The Echo Hue 44" Music Reactive Fire Pit MC032492B


Product Description



Echo™ HUE

  • Aluminum
  • LED Lighting
  • App for iOS and Android
  • 12 Feet flexible hose used to connect Natural Gas or LP appliances to an existing low pressure supply
  • Functions effectively with natural or liquid propane gas; unites LP grills, natural gas grills and RVs to permanent fuel sources
  • High-capacity natural gas supply hose. Used for natural gas or propane applications.
  • 3/8" female pipe thread x 3/8'' male flare quick connect/disconnect.
  • Attaches appliance to existing low pressure supply. Comes with dust cap and plug to protect the brass adapter. CSA certificated - Pass CSA certificate for your safety.
  • 2 x 6" Harman / Kardon Weather Ready Sound System
  • MCFC SRFS Touch Panel Display
  • Glass Wind Guard (Optional) 
  • Propane or Natural Gas Conversion Kit (Optional) 



Natural Gas Conversion Kit ($199.00) And Wind Guard ($199.00) Is Included With Enclosure Purchase For Limited Time



White Glove Service Would Deliver to Backyard, Uncrate and Remove Debris. This Would Be An Additional Fee.


This item has a 5-7 week lead time as it is made to order. 


Four Mode Options :


Sound Reactive

Fire and Music

Fire Only

Music Only


What is Sound-Reactive Fire?

Sound Reactive Fire is exactly what it sounds like--Fire, that is reactive to sound! Whether listening to the heavy hitting beats of Dead Mau5, Zedd or other EDM Djs or enjoying the incredible voice of Bocelli, Sound Reactive Fire reflects the energy of the music. From a gentle flicker to a heart pumping fire show, our units provide an experience only seen in science projects. One unit alone is enough to make you test songs for hours.


Is the flame affected by volume?

We have invested in engineering to ensure volume operates independently from flame height and vice versa. Our patented technology separates the sound reactiveness of the flame from the volume level. Want less volume without sacrificing the experience of the flame? No problem. Turn it up as loud as you want - you won’t shoot fireballs into the night sky.


Do I have to burn the fire to play music?

With our systems you do not have to have the fire burning to listen to the music. The music only mode allows you to enjoy the high-fidelity outdoor speaker system without the heat of a fire in the middle of the day. When the sun goes down and you want to crank it up a notch, turn the flames on and let the show begin.


Does the music have to be on?

Music and fire are able to operate independently of each other with our fire pits. There are evenings where you may want to enjoy the quiet of the crickets, but want the warmth of a fire. With the mode selections of the fire pits, you can have fire only, music only, traditional fire and music, or sound-reactive fire.


How does this work?

We have spent countless hours working designing and engineering this technology to bring to the market a safe, reliable, dynamic fire experience. We use a patented technology to create an amazing display of sound-reactive fire


Does this work with natural gas?

Yes. Our final production models will be designed to be compatible with both propane and natural gas.



Are these safety certified (CSA)?

One of the main objectives while working towards our end goal is safety. From the beginning, we have been engaged with the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) to make sure that our product meets the strict codes for certification


Can I use a Music City Fire pits during a fire ban?

Music City Fire pits belong to the same category as traditional propane fire pits. Generally, fire bans refer to an “open fire,” consisting of a solid fuel such as charcoal, wood logs, or wood pellets. Using liquid propane fire is usually accepted as a safe alternative during fire bans. As always, make sure to contact your local fire officials to understand the details of your fire ban.


How long will a 20 lb propane tank last to fuel my Music City Fire pit?

The Music City Fire products last as long, if not longer, than traditional fire pits. On one 20lb tank of propane, expect to receive at least 12-14 hours of burn time.


Will wind blow out the flame?

We have included an auto-ignition feature of the Music City Fire pits to ensure that when a gust of wind blows out the flame, the auto-ignition automatically and almost seamlessly reignites the flame.


How do I use the retrofit fire kit?

The retrofit fire kit comes with the burner, pan, valve system, the control panel, and speakers. Use the retrofit kit to turn your existing fire pit into a sound-reactive fire pit. Or for the DIY’ers, crafters, and artists - build your own beautiful enclosure. (Make sure to send us a picture of your creations!)


What are the advantages of propane fire pits?

How many times have you been around a campfire where everybody’s playing musical chairs to escape the direction of the smoke? No wood smoke Instant start, instant out No ashes or sparks No worries about “wet wood” or fire starters


What is the power source of the Music City Fire pits?

Our systems are plug and play ready. Each system plugs into a standard 110v power plug. Like the rest of our system, the power adaptor itself is weather ready for the outdoors.


How is the music played through the fire pit?

We have integrated hi-fidelity speakers into all the Music City Fire pits. To play any sound, simply connect your electronic device via Bluetooth and play through the fire your favorite song, the audio of a movie, the sound of crackling fire, or a YouTube comedian. Additionally, all fire pits come with an aux input to connect a classic iPod or your electric guitar. The fire tables come with 2 usb ports for added convenience of use.


Can I use more than one Music City Fire pit at a time to work with the same music?

Yes. We have developed a Multi-Sync function that allows 2 or more fire pits to respond and play the same music in sync.


Are the electronic components water-proof?

All electronic components are weather resistant and housed within the fire pit to be able to stand the test of time.



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Martin Klaus

Can we say COOL!! man this firetable is beyond my expectations. The quality is amazing and it streams off anything. Brings family and friends together.

Irving Bauer

Bought this for my daughter and her family and I think I did good!! They cannot stop talking about it.

Paulette B

Can't take my eyes off this! We got ozoblue and it is striking in the backyard. We are music lovers and this table is so cool. It was easy to assemble with the help of a neighbor and now he is getting one. Love it