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BioBidet Bliss Bidet Toilet Seat BB-2000

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BioBidet Bliss Bidet Toilet Seat BB-2000

Product Description


A Bliss series Bidet Seats inspired by Bio Bidet.

The highly anticipated premier bidet class unveils a groundbreaking new breed of cleansing technology.

Experience the distinction between the limitations of the past and the technological freedom of the Premier Bidet Class with a vast selection of cleaning methods and witness the latest level of unprecedented cleanliness with the exclusive inside-out nozzle cleaning technology.

Know no boundaries in reaching your highest level of personal hygiene with a Bliss series bidet.




Hybrid On-Demand heating system U-Pick wireless remote controls (BB-2000)
Stainless steel nozzle Patent pending Hydro-Flush
Patented 3-in-1 nozzle system Motorized nozzle clean
Auto wash Touch screen panel (BB-2000)
Wider water stream Contoured side panel (BB-1700)
Oscillating One-touch nozzle replacement
Wide cleaning Night light (BB-2000)
Pulsating Adjustable heated seat
Massage cleaning Powerful deodorizer
Patented vortex water stream Intelligent body sensor
Satisfying posterior cleaning Adjustable warm air dry
Soft feminine cleaning Slow closing
Bubble infusion Quick release for easy cleaning
Sitz-bath Automatic power save
Nozzle self-clean 3 year full warranty


Ultra Clean. Stainless Steel Nozzle.

High quality stainless steel fittings. 

Not coated, not dipped, not sprayed. We've used pure, solid steel for the Bliss model nozzle casing.

Pure stainless steel is extremely durable, resistant to wear and tear, and effortlessly cleaned. Save time and work, and

enjoy a sparkling clean Bliss Bio Bidet with no effort.

We paired the new inside-out nozzle cleaning system with our unique Auto-Clean mechanism, which flushes all impurities from the nozzle easily and quickly. Water flows through the nozzle at high pressure, flushing out any water minerals and debris.

Exclusive CleanSurge Rapid Self-Cleaning.

Bliss comes fitted with our exclusive nozzle wash system. At the touch of a button, the built-in motor repeatedly extracts and retracts the nozzle while water flows over the nozzle. Just 20 seconds thoroughly sanitizes every part of the Bliss nozzle system, with no extra effort from you.

Hybrid Heating Technology.

New Premier class technology.

Longevity. Built to last.

Our new state-of-the-art Hybrid Heating System is reliable and durable.

One of the bidet industry's most talented R and D team developed each miniscule detail using today's' most advanced and brilliant technology to create the Bliss bidet system.

Only the most ideal parts were source to construct each aspect of the Bliss system, inside and out.


Hybrid Heating Technology


Picture a stream of ice cold water flowing through an instant heating coil that is only a few inches long. It is during that split second when the water passes through the coil that it must be heated to your desired temperature. This type of technology is risky, it uses vast bursts of electricity, the dependability fluctuates, and you almost always get a cold shock of water before it gets warm.

With a built-in tank, a bidet can store water at the desired temperature so it is ready to use instantly. The water is the perfect temperature from the start to end but can only last for as much as the tank can hold.

Both types have benefits and drawbacks, so we developed a new Hybrid Heating Technology that utilizes the best features from both instant heating and tank heating technologies and eliminates all of the disadvantages.

The new Hybrid Heating System combines water flow and temperature consistency with a limitless duration to produce continuous warm and rejuvenating water flow.



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Everything I hoped it would be

I did alot of reviewing for a bidet seat and narrowed it down to the TOTO S300 and the Biobidet BB-2000. I'ld never tried the BioBidet before but took a chance after reading all the positive reviews. I have been very happy with it. The remote is very easy to use, and the bidet itself performs amazingly. I would highly recommend it for those reasons. I was so impressed I ordered a P700 for one of my other toilets.

Mike B
Glad we chose BB-2000

My wife and I were new to bidet cleansing, but were becoming more aware of the comfort, value and hygienic benefits offered by a home bidet. We spent several weeks reviewing and comparing over a dozen different types and models. The features offered by the BLISS BB-2000 were exactly what we wanted... including back & front wash, vortex (turbo) wash, variable water temp, warm-air dryer and self-cleaning nozzle. When it arrived, it took us about 30 minutes to install and perfectly replaced our existing seat. Operating the seat is very easy with the wall-mounted/removable remote control. The other features, including the deodorizer, variable seat temp and night-light are welcome extras! This seat does everything it promises, and we highly recommend it!

s a 37
Bilss 2000 has more features

I studied bidets for six months before deciding on BB-2000. It has more features than all other bidets, everything you could want for comfort and cleanliness. Everyone who comes to our home has to try our bidet. They all love it and are excited to get one just like ours. I don't like using a regular toilet when I'm out and about because I never feel as clean. We have had our bidet for two years and have not had one problem. The instructions are easy when installing.

Pretty Awesome

Received the BB-2000 today. Quick, easy setup with almost no tools. It’s been many years since using a Bidet, this works SO much better than I remember! The drying takes a bit longer than anticipated but, still works great!